Wheelchair Accessible Minibuses

Wheelchair accessible minibuses allow people with disabilities to board easily since they come with access points and accessories that make this possible. Minibuses are great for travel and would be even more convenient if they could accommodate all types of passengers. Wheelchair Accessible Minibuses also come in a wide range of features to suit various individuals’ needs.

Rear Passenger

This is where the passenger accesses the minibus from a rear access point and the seating position is also located at the back of the vehicle. This design is the most common with wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Ride up front

This is where the wheel chair access is located at the front passenger seat and the person gets to sit next to the driver. This is a fun spot to place the seat and also convenient as the passenger can easily instruct the driver where and when to stop if they need to alight.

Drive from wheelchair

This feature enables the driver to access the vehicle from the rear entrance then secure the wheelchair at the driver’s position and drive from the wheelchair. This is a convenient feature especially for minibus drivers who are disabled. This means they will be able to drive their family or friends around. Even if it’s a job have this feature in a minibus will mean a person can still work as driver if they want without feeling discriminated.

Transfer Seat

This is where the person on the wheel chair transfers to a swivel driver’s or passenger’s seat. This means that they have to get off the wheel chair and may not be preferable by some users. Some these seats are automatic and can lower the person to the outside of the minibus so that they can get back on to their wheelchair.

Some wheelchair accessible minibuses also vary in the number of wheelchairs they can handle. Some allow multiple seating capacity amking them suitable for disabled persons who may want to travel as a group. Others have lifts instead of manual ramps. Manual ramps require the wheelchair user to be pushed on to the vehicle while lifts elevate them on to the vehicle saving time and energy.

These minibuses are either available for sale or for hire. If the minibus is just for a trip with family or a group of friends. For those whose want to buy wheel chair accessible minibuses but do not want to spend too much, there are those that are used but are still in great condition. They will come in a variety of feature for the individual to choose from.

This category of minibuses is great for the elderly and physically disabled who still want to travel and see the world by going on road trips and vacations as a group or with a group. They also help in cases where an institution has to transport a group of people who have to use wheel chairs to various facilities for various reasons. These minibuses are spacious and quite comfortable as they are built with the disabled people in mind.