Things to do With Your Dad on Father’s Day

If you’re tired of getting the same old thing for your father each Father’s Day, whether it be a tie or a greeting card, why not come up with some new ideas? Sometimes people get stuck in a rut and can’t think their way out, so here are a few ideas to toggle your mind:

–If your dad is into sports, get tickets to a game and go with him.

It will be a fun day, something you both can enjoy. If he’s a sports memorabilia collector, then get him something he’s been wanting for a long time. Maybe it’s an autographed baseball from one of his favorite players, or an entire box of brand new baseball cards from his favorite team. Or a glass case to display his memorabilia treasures in. He would also enjoy a subscription to a sports magazine, a sports channel, or season tickets.

–If your dad is into cooking, then there are tons of gifts you can give him.

A nice cookbook by one of his favorite TV chefs is always a good idea. Maybe it’s Chef Ramsay, or maybe it’s Rachel Ray, but whoever it is, find out and go to your nearest bookstore and grab it, or order it online ahead of time to make sure it arrives before Father’s Day. Another gift idea is to get him some new kitchen gadgets, like a chopper or a blender. A lot of good meals can be created this way. Go through his cabinets to see what he doesn’t have but could use, or come up with something entirely quirky, like an apron with his picture on it.

–If your dad is into fishing, you can get him a new tackle box, rod and reel, a fishing book, DVD, or audiobook.

You could also arrange to take him on a fishing date on Father’s Day so the two of you can enjoy it together.

–Plan a leisure day with your dad.

This means no schedules, nowhere to go, just bring a bunch of snacks over along with a DVD, order a pizza, sit with the TV and your dad, and just let loose and relax. You could play a video game with him like you used to when you were a kid. For some quick game ideas,
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There are many gifts you can give him, but the ones he will treasure the most are the ones that come from the heart. It takes some knowledge of your dad’s likes and dislikes, his personality, and his passions.