Relieve Mild Anxiety With Food, Not Drugs

Do you feel that constant anxiety is barraging your life? Well, if it is only to a mild degree, then you do not have to resort to drugs. After all, some foods are ideal for curbing mild anxiety, so you opt for them instead.


You thought the first to come up would be green tea, but no, it is the banana. One great constituent of bananas are the beta blockers, which reduce adrenaline release. For people that are often anxious, this is extremely helpful, as lower adrenaline decreases the likelihood of entering a fight-or-flight state. Thus, if you consume a banana, you will feel calmer and less nervous. In fact, musicians often eat a banana before their performance as it helps them settle down and concentrate.

Green Tea

Well, green tea comes second as it is the flagship when it comes to anxiety-reducing foods. With its L-theanine content, you will be able to deal with anxiety with ease. L-theanine is what enables Eastern monks to stay calm, as they often drink green tea. Also, there are even green tea extracts and L-theanine powders available for a higher concentration. You can either drink green tea or mix L-theanine powders with your everyday coffee, and you will feel calmer each day. Lastly, there are L-theanine capsules for people who want to just pop a supplement and be done with it.


Although blueberries do not directly curb anxiety, they can still help anxious people. Thanks to their high antioxidant content, they can help reduce the stress of a person, as well as improve their immune function. Also, blueberries have a calming or sedative effect, which is beneficial for anxious people who are unable to get some sleep.

Banana-Blueberry-Tea Smoothie

If each of these three alone will not suffice for you, you can mix all three. You can either take them individually or blend them into a smoothie. Banana and blueberry go well together in taste, and you can replace water with green tea. Tossing green tea powder into the mix also works fine. If you need a decent smoothie maker, check to learn more information.


Anxiety-reducing foods such as bananas, blueberries, and green tea are quite beneficial for people who have mild anxiety. If you would like to skip out on drugs, these are perfect. Lastly, you can mix them using a blender for more potent effects.