Complex crises that are result of both natural and human causes are quite common and also long lasting, characterized by the extensive violence, displacement and huge damage to economies and societies. These are the event and series of events, which represent the critical risk to the health, security, safety, and well-being of the community and other large number of people, generally over the wide area. It’s estimated that around 135 millions of people need humanitarian help and protection every year. It has motivated the Dawood Foundation, managed by Mariyam Dawood, to adapt these needs of the society and respond to the growing trend.

flood relief & rehabilitation

The main purpose of the Dawood Foundation is to meet the disaster caused requirements of people, families & communities. In 2010 there was massive flood that covered around one-fifth of land in Pakistan as well as affected more than 20 million people. This was worst in the history of Pakistan’s, devastating floods killed plenty of people and millions were left struggling to reconstruct their houses and villages. Water washed away the bridges, roads, livestock and crops –and livelihoods of many people.  There were the severe and the long term damages done to the educational institutions, health, water infrastructure and sanitation, and agriculture.

The Dawood Foundation responded instantly by developing the comprehensive program for the flood relief & rehabilitation of livelihoods, schools, and micro infrastructure with the help of Mariyam Dawood. The foundation worked with other non-profit organizations to improve the infrastructure in the damaged schools, carry out health camps for local residents of the impacted areas, build water & irrigation micro-infrastructure and support livelihood recovery by household grants & livestock programs.