Basic Baby Stroller Features That Will Guarantee Maximum Comfort to Your Kid as you Travel

Shopping for strollers can be overwhelming if you do not know the best features that will perfectly suit the weight, height and personal preference for your kids. Most parents look at the tangible features such as strong carriages, frames, bells and whistles. They do not go into details to find out who the manufacturers are, when the strollers were made or whether the baby stroller design is trending in the market. Here are a few baby stroller specifications that should not miss in your buying guide.

Lightweight Frames

Go for light, easy to move strollers as opposed to heavy ones that will exhaust your energy as you push. Lightweight frames provide easy movement and haulage of strollers into a car especially if you are a single parent with no one to assist you with fixing the baby carrier into the back seat. So the next time you go out shopping for a stroller remember to compare weights before looking at other features such as capacity and design. There are double strollers specifically designed for a seating capacity of two children. Such strollers weigh more than their single counterparts but have the advantage of sheltering two kids at the same time, a perfect bet for parents with twin children.

Height Adjustable Handles and Fold-able Designs

The best strollers are designed with height adjustable handles that can be attuned to fit through standard car doors. The handles come in handy when your kid has gained some height and therefore need a raised top sunshade cover. You can also shorten the handles to lower the shade as deemed fit for your kid. Some are designed with fold-able features for easy storage purposes. You can easily fold the stroller and lean it against the wall for minimum space cover. Fold-able strollers work well for traveling families with little space left in their car for fixing a bulky baby carriage.

Sufficient Pockets

You will need pockets to hold baby bottles, powder, towels, diapers, toys and many other customized gadgets for your kid. These pockets should be sufficient enough and placed in easily accessible places on the stroller. The back-of –seat and side pockets should be large enough to hold your baby products for a long journeys. A cup holder and strong straps to minimize spill out due to back and forth movements as you push the stroller or drive your car will work well as an additional feature for your stroller. Newborn babies require a firm hold on their seats to prevent them from hitting their heads on side frames. Look for a stroller that has enough pockets to store removable frames that can cause harm to your child while traveling.

These are some of the basic baby stroller features that will help you make informed shopping decisions. Once you are satisfied that the stroller has these features, then you can go ahead and ask for other fine details such as head pads, snack trays and brand name from your shopping attendant. Remember that a stroller provide special attention for your newborn babies and is a must-have baby carriage for the modern parents. Get the latest strollers for your baby today and start the journey to effortless parenthood for a healthy lifestyle.