Avoiding Slip and Fall Accidents on Your Premises

Snow removal represents one of the many services that you must provide to your tenants who pay you rent each month. It is also a preventative measure to reduce the incidence of slips and falls by not just the tenant but also their families, friends and other people who frequent the property. Prevention of the accidents starts at the front door and ends wherever anyone can walk, slip or end up falling.

How to Prevent Accidents on the Property

Snow removal should be a task that you perform each day before your tenants leave their premises for work. You should remove the ice probably every hour or as necessary, especially when there is a rainstorm. You need to mark the date and the time that you remove snow from the premises. If a tenant sues you for a slip and fall, you have these dates as a defense.

Shoveling Isn’t Sufficient

Many homeowners think that using a shovel to create a path through the sidewalk is enough, but it isn’t. Not only is it inadequate, but if snowstorms occur over and over again, it makes it harder for you to complete the task. The snow that you don’t shovel will pack down and become heavy. You will also tire quickly unless you are an army of several people.

You will also find it hard to clear a large enough path ideal for vehicles. Remember, a good clearing should result in a path that is 42 inches wide. The answer to this is to use a snow blower to do this task. It is quick, efficient and doesn’t require much effort. You can read more here to find out all about snow throwers and how to get the best for your premises.

Are You Compliant?

To make this work for you, it is pertinent that you research the city regulations which define rules about snow removal. Some cities require that you remove snow at least three hours after a storm, or you get fined for non-compliance. You also need to know the right place to dump the snow. Some cities will slap a fine on you if you deposit the snow on the sidewalk or the street.

In Closing

Many landlords get slapped with lawsuits after a tenant slips and falls in their premises due to piling of snow. You can bypass all the hassles by making sure you remove any snow as per the regulations set down by the local authorities.