The art of salad mixing

At the end of the XVIII century of marchionesses, the French nobleman D’Albiniac, who lost his position due to revolution and were sent to London found a method to contain himself and at the same time not to lose communication with society. He spent evenings, attending big formal dinner parties and being engaged in the creation of salads dressing. Due to his activity modern salads have received a vast variety of salad dressings. And here is the most astonishing matter. His occupation was not considered as something unworthy to the nobleman. Ability to make salad became a ritual since a long ago.

Hashing of salad is one of the most important parts of a ritual. Romans said that to make salad properly necessary four persons: avaricious — to pour in vinegar, generous — to add oil, the wise man — to fill and also the madman — to mix it. The first three stages belong to the preparation of the vinaigrette sauce, the fourth — hashing is a method by means of which any salad refuels. Demand for the madman for hashing of salad is, of course, a metaphor. The idea is that all components of salad became filled with salad dressing.

Before mixing a salad leafs should be dried. There are quite a lot of ways to do it. You may clear it with a paper napkin, just leave dry or use a special device. Such device is called salad spinner. It is the most convenient way to dry leafs fast. In fact, this device can be used for multifunctional purposes: as a colander for straining pasta, fruits or vegetables. Of course, you may find other ideas on the internet.

The choice of a salad bowl and devices for hashing deserves attention. The salad bowl shall contain enough – tiny for careful hashing.

The best materials are glass and porcelain. Those are most successfully “give” color and a form of products and, besides, easily wash. Many fans of salads give preference to the wooden salad bowls, which are made of an olive tree. However, it is much more difficult to wash a porous tree, and through some time, such salad bowl will give smack of pro-rancid oil.

Dull wooden rake and fork are convenient for hashing of the majority of salads. However, the best method not to spoil a gentle product, for example, fresh lettuce leaves — use of your own hands.

Does not matter how would you carried out hashing, the procedure of salad mixing can become the solemn moment of a lunch: the colorful salad is set up on a table; a dish sauce is served; the owner or the hostess begin to mix ingredients until all of them are not as if entangled by the sparkling raincoat.